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Valve’s Steam for Mac?

by Bryan Sharp on March 3, 2010

Valve software, the company comprised of renowned tricksters, jesters, and gypsies who are pretty good at making video games, hit the emails of a few blogs today with teaser images for an upcoming announcement. Shacknews, Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Mac Rumors, Mac NN, Eurogamer, and Macworld have each received one of six images. I feel a little left out that Gamebane didn’t get an image, but it’s probably for the best. Given my luck, my Valve image would still be stuck in my spam folder or mistakenly deleted with all incoming mail in a scorched earth tactic adopted in desperation to remove large quantities of pornography.

I even use Gmail filters. It’s become a real problem. The six images strongly hint that Steam is coming to Apple’s OSX operating system. But they could also mean that Apple bought Valve, Valve is now using Apple’s marketing team, or that Steve Jobs and Gabe Newell accidentally fell into a teleportation pod during an intense thumb-wrestling match, and the pod mistakenly assembled their DNA into a new organism, a Stevabe Newjob, if you will. Who, besides sounding both Mexican and Native American, is now in charge of Apple and Valve. Imagine the board meetings:

Stevabe Newjob: “The next Team Fortress 2 patch will allow players to incorporate iPods into their loadouts. They’ll be able to buy songs directly from the new TF2 iTunes store. Also, for the Engineer update, what do we think about letting engineers build sentries and dispensers remotely using 3G enabled iPads?

Stevabe Newjob: “Also, I think we need more aluminum around Steam headquarters. What’s this table made out of? Anyone? Because it looks like wood to me. I can’t see my reflection in wood, people.

Stevabe Newjob: “Why isn’t anyone saying anything?”

My Mac and PC are the same computer (I dual boot Windows XP and Leopard), so the idea of Steam for Mac is pretty exciting. I’d still do most of my gaming on the PC side, but it would be nice to use the Steam friends list and procrastinate with a few simple Mac games.

But maybe Valve has big plans for Steamed Macs. If the driver support existed and the development was there, there’s no reason why I couldn’t run Mac games just as well as I run PC games. The possibilities are exciting.

~apple image by Tom@freezepix
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Charlie naylor March 4, 2010 at 9:09 am

it would be great if it happened, i just hope i wouldnt have to buy my steam games again :3

Bryan Sharp March 5, 2010 at 4:39 pm

it would be great if it happened, i just hope i wouldnt have to buy my steam games again :3

Yeah, a joint PC/Mac license for games would really be great.

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